…spend some time forgetting about your worries
When upset,, do something that works for you, give your mind a break.. then sit down to think real hard when you feel better..

People don’t make the best decisions when their spirits are down.. so.., what’s the rush?

Naunahan Ako

“Moments, when lost, can’t be found again. They’re just gone.”


Parang kanina, maaga ako umalis ng bahay..
Gusto ko mabagal lang mglakad..ang sarap kasi i-feel ng malamig na hangin

Pag dating ko sa train station, konti palang tao,sakto makaka upo ako 🙂

Pag sakay ko sa train..walang upuan,pero ok lang…maraming bababa sa last station, sigurado yan 😀

Tumayo ako sa tapat ng isang estudyante, alam ko bababa sya sa last station kaya 200% sure ng makaka upo ako..yey! Nag basa muna ako habang nghihintay sa pagtigil,..


Ng malapit na sa last station, tumayo na yung asa tapat ko..

“Maya-maya uupo nako, intayin ko lang mg full stop, baka kasi mabuwal ako”–sabi ko.


at ng uupo nako..bigla me dumaan sa tabi ko, at umupo sa dapat ay upuan ko.

“Naunahan ko!!!!!!!!! T__________T”


Nalungkot ako at nainis nadin..kasi walang ibang bumaba..ibig sabihin malaki posibilidad na isang oras akong nakatayo.

Dahil masama loob ko, ayan napa isip tuloy ako..

Wala pala talaga tayong powers para malaman at sabihin ang mangyayari..Na yung isang bagay na sigurado, maaaring maging hindi pala.Na lahat ng outcome sa buhay naka depende sa kilos at decision natin.

At kung puro:

hesitation o kaya

“marami pang pagkakataon” o kya

“mamaya na,sigurado na naman ako dyan”

ang motto natin.. maraming mawawala..yun ang sigurado.

Katulad kanina..alam kong makaka upo ako, 200% sure pa nga.

Kaya basa lang ng basa, tapos me pag hintay pang mg full stop yung train..kaso

Hindi pala: Kasi naunahan ako. I missed that chance-


Realization? Wag na magbasa at umupo agad khit umaandar pa train 😛

Parang sa buhay,wala namang kasiguraduhan ang lahat..kaya kahit hindi mo alam kung ano mangyayari, gawin mo na kung ano gusto mo.
Maaaring yung akala mong yun ang ending, hindi pala…

Sympre kelangan mong mag isip..pero kung sa pag iisip mo bumabalik at bumabalik ka sa salitang “pero, ito gusto ko”–then go!”

Life is about taking risks, mahirap, nakaka takot, pero yun dapat nating gawin,.

Samahan ng dasal at pagtitiwala, for sure kahit ano mang maging outcome, at least  sinubukan natin.


Minsan at sa maraming pagkakataon kelangan talagang i-apply sa buhay yung salitang:

“ganon talaga”  kesa sa salitang  “kung sana…”

Reasons Why You Should Move to Another City in Your 20s

Reasons Why You Should Move to Another City in Your 20s

They say home is where the heart is, but where is my heart at?

….And here you wonder… where will I fall in love with next?


My Ambal

There are multiple reasons why writing this letter seemed like a perfect gift (the best I could come up).
1) I’m miles apart from you
2) I enjoy writing, and
3) You deserve to know you’re awesome every now and then.

You’re special.
I’ve never really had a lot of people I feel comfortable talking to. So every time I was low or upset, alam mo na ah? hihi We met and became friends. And for some reason, I thought you could be the person I could confide in. After being my ambal for almost 4 years now.. sharing dreams, stories and fantasies, my trust in you has only grown beyond light years. I may not have been the person you wanted to be friends with. I may not have been what you wanted me to be. I may not have been there to share the best moments of your life, or the worse. But I promise to do the best I can. You’re one of the pillars of my strength. And I promise to always try to be one of yours.

Sometimes I wonder how you know me so well. I’ve always had a handicap of expressing my feelings verbally. But you know things even before I speak up. You know when I am upset. You also know when I just need someone to sit with me to share the silence if I don’t want to talk. Or when I’m just being stubborn. It is a type of quality that makes you irreplaceable.

You’re so many adjectives (generous, helpful and implausibly caring), but your kindness is unrelenting and I’m certain it will bring all the awesomosity in the world that you deserve.
Words are insufficient, but you need to know how awesomely awesome you are and I promise to always be here, somewhere in the background to remind you every day, lest you ever doubt it.

You’re smart and intelligent. And no matter how lost you feel, I know for a fact that wherever you find yourself, will be the right place. It breaks my heart when your struggling,.I know sometimes you do. Because, I do, too. I know it feels like the world and life is a kind of unfair to you, when people are mean, or when life is changing and everything is just way too overwhelming, but I know you can endure it. You’re tough and pag nafi-feel mo na hndi n kaya., I promise that I will never leave you alone, not because I am incredibly creepy or clingy, but because I am indebted to you for life ahahah!

Almost 4 years… You and I learned about life together.. Arteeey! Ahahah, but seriously.,we trenched through disappointments, heartbreaks, regrets at marami pang iba, naka naman! and
I promise to be there to see you become stronger as you move past hurdles, tumbling and falling on occasions. I promise to be there to be your personal cheerleader and applaud with every ounce of my being when you win all the battles.

Among every promise I make today, I think there’s a need to include an apology. I’m not perfect(medyo lang ahahaha)…For all the unnecessary drama, utterly pointless rants and the hullabaloo that I created in your life. I’m sorry for ever taking you for granted, doing and saying whatever came to my mind with blithe disregard to your feelings. You never hesitated to call me out on my immaturity or let me get away with it. You can be brutal in your opinions and advice, and yet that brutality is laced with all the affection in the world. I am sorry for being self-centered minsan..But I am getting better by the day; or at least trying to be. Our journey to maturity begins now.. and am happy na kasama kita sa journey na yun ambal.

Ambal, you complete another year of your sheer awesome existence in this world today. No matter how far we’ve come, how busy we’ve become or how much we’ve matured, nothing can change the care and the love that I have for you.

I am thankful I met you ambal and am hoping that in time Papa God will give you all your heart’s desire, specially the happiness that you really and solely deserve ^_^

Continue to be a blessing sa aming lahat and again Happy birthday ambal ko.

Love, always.
Your Ambal

Why You Need To Burn Some Bridges In Your 20s

Our parents always told us “don’t burn your bridges.” It was a sensible ideal that we all tried to live by. But with the popularity of Marina Shifrin’s viral “I quit” video leading to a job on Queen Latifah’s talk show, many of us are left to ponder the advantage of burning bridges.

As we get older, and wiser, there are going to be situations in which burning bridges is not only okay, but necessary. Because, as we head into our adult lives, there is less room for everything in our past.

In life there’s some stuff that needs to be cut off and some ends that need to be tied up for good. If you believe in fate, you understand that everything happens for a reason and sometimes you just need to move forward and never look back. Too many people cling to the past instead of marching towards the future.

“Sometimes burning bridges isn’t a bad thing. It prevents you from going back to a place you should never have been to begin with…”


If you want to take full advantage of your life and every opportunity that comes your way, you will need to burn some bridges along the way. Anything worth achieving means making sacrifices. If that means permanently closing some doors, so be it.

In Your Love Life.

If you are in a relationship that doesn’t help you grow, you need to get out of it. Relationships become a big part of your life and you must be sure that you are with someone that won’t keep you from pursuing your dreams. Your partner should be someone with their own aspirations and goals, not latching onto yours. Being single isn’t the worst thing in the world and will most likely be a good break for you to figure your life out.

“Being alone is better than sitting next to a lover and feeling lonely”

-Richard Linklater

You also shouldn’t have a relationship with your ex. That relationship is over, and if you are holding onto it because you think that maybe you were supposed to marry them, stop. Because you would have known if you were supposed to be with them. One of the more important aspects of growing up and maturing is leaving behind relationships that weren’t good for you.

You don’t want to walk into your next relationship still carrying baggage from the last one. It will doom the relationship from the start, never giving you a fair chance to make this one work. It may be hard to be alone as you enter the single world again, but only once you have lost everything are you free to do anything.

In Your Friendships.

Losing a friend is always hard, but sometimes it’s for the best. Like our lovers, we can also grow out of them. Sometimes the things you had in common with your best friend become distant parts of your past that you are only holding on to to sustain the friendship.

“I drank a bottle of wine for company”

-Ernest Hemingway

In order to move up in life, you are going to have to pick and choose who is worth maintaining a friendship with. Because as your work becomes a larger part of your life it will become particularly hard to find time to spend with friends. Thus, you can only have so many due to sheer availability.

Sometimes your friendships represent a part of your past that you no longer share. It’s a friendship with the person you were and not the person you are now. You need to give yourself room to grow even if that means letting go of some people.

Allow yourself to become the person you are destined to be and meet new friends. Keeping old friends is great but making new friends is necessary.

In Your Job.

You are too young to be settling for a job you hate. You have the rest of your life ahead of you and being stuck in a dead end job is not a good way to start it. There are millions of opportunities out there and giving up before you even find them is a fate worse than death.

“Respect yourself enough to walk away from anything that no longer serves you, grows you, or makes you happy”

-Robert Tew

This is especially true if you are trying out a new career. You must have the courage to quit your job if it’s not stimulating you. Don’t fret because you can no longer put it on your resume, it probably won’t help your case anyway. Your new job is going to hire you based on your ability to succeed, and if that means you left a job behind to achieve that goal, they will only respect you for it.

Sometimes you just need to close a door to open a new window of opportunity. If you hold onto the past, thinking there is hope of always getting your old job back, you will never have the courage to passionately pursue a new direction. Because only once we’ve lost everything are truly free to do anything.


Original Blog: http://elitedaily.com/life/burning-bridges-is-not-only-okay-but-necessary-in-your-20s/

Life’s Everyday Mountains

“The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.” ~Confucius

How can a volcano better prepare us for life? At over 1020.34 feet, there’s more to learn than I would have thought.

Last week I sat on top of Taal Volcano. It was my first real summit and I was proud.
Getting there took me through hour of heat, sweat.. using hanky, cup, shoes and a pair of determination.

As I climbed, and especially on my way down, I began to realize the lessons required to reach the top and make it back down safely.
As it turns out, the most important rules are just as relevant in the sun as they are in conquering our everyday challenges.

When was the last time you reached a mountain summit, whether outdoors or in life?
We face our own mountains everyday. Some small. Some big. There’s always a summit we want to reach.
Maybe it’s running those few miles before work, making that intimidating sales call, or running your business. Goals, no matter the size, require a strategy for success.

A small volcano reinforced an approach that can convert life’s everyday challenges into gratifying accomplishments.

Reaching Life’s Summits:

..Rubber shoes.water..
I wish I took this more seriously. Every unnecessary piece of gear complicates things and detracts from the experience. Aside from the bare necessities, things do not make life better. They often cause more stress and keep you from what’s most important.The lighter your pack the better. Life is too short to be burdened with excessive possessions, emotional baggage or regrets.

-Positive thoughts, relationships and experiences weigh nothing at all. Pile them on and leave the rest behind. They’ll lift you to the top.-

..Take one step at a time..
Any major accomplishment can be broken down into a series of single steps.
My pattern was 15 steps up, 15 breaths of rest. I did that for hours.
If I would have only focused on the very top, frustration would have overcome me.

-If your summit is too intimidating, break it into smaller steps. Focus on those one by one.Eventually one step will be the one that puts you on top.-

..Don’t go at it alone..
When climbing, a partner is a must. For safety, support, camaraderie, motivation and simply to share the journey. You’d be silly (and putting yourself in great danger) to go up alone. Life is meant to be experienced with others. It makes the valleys shallower and the peaks higher. Relationships magnify experiences and help you do things that prove impossible alone.

-Don’t leave home without your support team.-

..Listen to the experts..
Halfway up, a guide told us it is better if we get to the top and climb earlier.
Chances of over fatigue because of heat and dust were too great at noon. As amateurs we would have had no idea. While we all ought to experience our own paths, it’s foolish not to learn from and observe the guidance of experts.

-Choose your life models wisely and keep them close by on your journey.-

..Slow down..
As Yvon Chouinard of Patagonia says, “It’s about how you got there. Not what you’ve accomplished.”
Despite what colleagues and competitors may tell you, there is no rush. Rushing on the volcano risks slipping, not acclimating to thinning air, exhaustion and possibly death.

-In life the biggest risk is that you miss the wonders of everyday experiences in your pursuit to the top. The top is secondary to the process.-

..Look back and take in the view..
There’s never any guarantee that you’ll get to the top, but you always have the ability to stop, take in a deep breath, smile and enjoy the view-whether it’s miles of wilderness or two feet of fog. It’s all wonderful.

-Every moment of life is a new view to appreciate.-

..Save some energy for the trip down..
We thought the summit was “just over that peak” half a dozen times before it actually was. Conserve energy. Things will inevitably take longer than expected. Don’t be discouraged. Budget your capital, energy and drive appropriately.

-Rarely is anything in life an all out sprint. Treat it like a marathon. You may need your reserves when you least expect it.-

..Getting to the top is optional. Getting down is mandatory..
These are Ed Viesturs’ famous words; the first U.S. man to summit all 14 peaks above 8,000 meters with no bottled oxygen.
The summit will be there tomorrow and likely so will yours. If more planning, a stronger team or more support is required, then save the summit for a time when the payout is safer and more probable. If you are outmatched, know when to turn back, only to return stronger and more savvy tomorrow.

-Stay objective and don’t let short-term excitement get in the way of long-term fulfillment.-

..Failure is a part of the process..
If we would have started our climb earlier, conditions would have been too grave to make it. Be ok with not reaching the summit every time. Falling short is inevitable.

-You will never learn more than from your failures…at anything. Embrace them.-

..A daunting summit is nothing more than a challenge..
A challenge is simply an opportunity in disguise.

-You won’t summit every one you come across, but you will become a better person with each attempt.-

..There will always be another mountain..
You are not meant to conquer them all. Past summits are simply preparing you for the next. With the right strategy, you’ll put the top within reach.

-When your summit arrives, you will be ready.-

“It is not the mountains we conquer but ourselves.”

~Sir Edmund Hillary

Created by God =^.^=

When God made the stars..
He knew you could shine greater than them!

When he made the Ocean..
He wanted you too try to look beyond it and see that His love has no end.

When God made the sky..
He wanted to show you that there was a limit on earth but yet He alone has none.

When God made the rocks..
they weren’t made to make you stumble but to make you stronger.

When God made a heart..
He knew you would get it broken but He knew He would have the strength to stick it back together and make it new again.

When God made a women..
it was because he knew a man could not be alone.

When God made a tree..
it was so that it could be cut and made into a cross to show you His love through Jesus Christ His Son.

When God made love..
it was so that He can give it to you so you can give it to others.

And when God made you..
it was to fulfill a purpose not a task! 🙂

be blessed! 🙂